Purpose and creation

Sudanese human rights activists is an international non-governmental, non-religous, non-ethnic and non-political organization formed in 2012 in Norway while registered in October 2013. Its statute states that the head office will be in Oslo, Norway with the right to establish branches all over the world. The organization, in general, is concerned about human rights, particularly human rights violations that take place in Sudan.

Human rights are a fundemental issue that the human society exerts constants efforts in order to defend, develop, consolidate and sustain. In fact, human rights are the basis of any development process, social justice and a decent living.

Given the situation in Sudan, citizens are not enjoying basic human rights. Absurdly, they are subjected to gross and serious regular and systematic violation.

A group of Sudanese in Norway gathered and founded a non-governmental voluntary organization to address human rights issues.

Among other things, the organization stands to monitor such violations, expose and study them; on the one hand, address the deterioration of the humanitarian situation by providing research and studies in this regard. On the other hand to implement projects and joint activities in collaboration with the local and international community to raise collective awareness of Sudanese citizens to the cause of human rights.

Sudanese Human Rights Activists (SHRA) first meeting was in December of 2012 while official registration was in October 28th 2013, with organizational number (911 655 292).


  1. Promote and strengthen human rights status and work to stop all forms of violation and abuse especially in Sudan.
  2. Raise awareness of human rights and how to claim and maintain them.
  3. Raise awareness on civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights on both levels of perpetrators and victims.
  4. Documentation of violations and abuse in a step to create a comprehensive database of human rights in Sudan.
  5. Provision of advocacy to individuals, groups and vulnerable minorities in Sudan.
  6. Provide advocacy and support for political and humanitarian refugees according to the case study.
  7. Train and strengthen women and youth to demand and maintain their rights.
  8. Study and research Sudanese laws and legislations to identify weaknesses in terms of human rights.
  9. Coordinate with relevant and similar organizations to improve human rights and humanitarian situations drawing more attention to Sudan.
  10. Establish Sudanese Human Rights Networks with entities related to human rights.
  11. Expose perpetrators and cooperate to hold them accountable.
  12. Study and research other related areas to our objectives.



Towards social peace and justice that is based on equality and non-violation of vulnerable minorities and marginalized communities and individual rights. This can be achieved by monitoring violations, exposing perpetrators and cooperating to hold them accountable, in addition to raising awareness of citizens about their rights, and the means by which to protect and preserve these rights.



We believe that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights represents an integral human legislation that makes life in dignity as a right of every human being and not a charity. We also believe in accordance to facts and statistics that most of Sudanese human rights, if not all, are violated.

We believe that human rights would not be obtained in a state in which its regime exercises violation and murder, unless measures of full awareness and knowledge are reached; knowledge of rights, methods to gain rights, and means by which to preserve those rights. Hence, we have faith in continuous education, training, and improvement of ourselves, our collaborators and our target group.

We know it’s a long road, thorny and risky, but we are planting a seed that we trust we it will yield in the generations to come, if not in ours.

We do not accept anything less than excellence and perfection in the performance of our mission that aims to preserve the right of innocent people to stay alive as long as we are addressing the cause.

We belive in cooperation with other Sudanese and/or international organizations as a primary mean to reach our goals. We are working to a day in which all Sudanese women, men and children will be aware of all their rights, how to obtain and how to maintain sustainablity of those rights.