Statement on Nertiti’s massacre: The international community should move from providing technical support to direct control

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On January 1st 2017, the Sudanese army and allied militias have committed a new massacre in Nertiti town resulting in loss of two lives (a girl – 16 years old, and another child) and 47 wounded according to official statement of the chairman of Security and Defense Committee at the Sudanese parliament. While other sources count 20 deaths, 40 to above 60 injured and 15 considered missing after being arrested by perpetrators.

Nertiti, which is located about 100 kilometers east to Zalingei in Central Darfur, is inhabited by 23000 as of 2008s’ census.

According to a statement of a source in humanitarian affairs at the refugees and displaced persons commission and other sources, solders in the official Sudanese army’s’ uniform have attacked citizens of the town using light and heavy weapons at the evening of Sunday January 1st 2017 on the background of finding a body of one of the soldiers in the farms around the town. It is the same argument that justified committing mass rapes in Tabit village in 2014. And according to medical sources, dozens of wounded have been transferred to the UNAMID hospital in the area as they wouldn’t get assistant at Nertiti’s hospital. Six of them died of his wounds and are expected to increase the number of deaths for the poor situation and the weakness of the hospital potential.

Regrettably, the Sudanese defense minister has described the incident as a (police case) and that affected ones should contact authorities for judicial procedures.

Nertiti’s incident as it lies in the spread area of African Union – United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) reveals the failure of UNAMID to play its role in protecting civilians. It also exposes, as well, claims the rule of Omar Bashir’s regime lies and the nature of their regime as they announced a one-month cease fire in the three conflict zones on the December 31, 2016.

In October 2014, the Sudanese army has been accused of committing mass rapes in the village of Tabit North Darfur, where UNAMID failed to conduct a reliable investigation and the Secretary-General of the United Nations have questioned the reliability of the investigation.

The restoration of Darfur file from the International Criminal Court to the United Nations Security Council and ending the International Criminal Court for the direct follow-up implementation of the arrest warrant against Omar Bashir and other perpetrators has had a direct impact on the culprits and give them the United Nations and the international community tacit approval to continue in committing crimes and massacres.

Darfur humanitarian disaster has exceeded all limits and a decisive action must be taken to stop the killing of innocent people there. We call upon the United Nations and the international community to urgently undertake the following:

  1. Re-open the Darfur file at the International Criminal Court and to increase the budget if ICC to pursuit of justice and paradoxically to reduce the African Union Missions’ expense budget.
  2. Consider the efficiency of the largest UN mission in the world (UNAMID) and to conduct an urgent assessment of the actual ability to carry out its mandate in protection of civilians in the required manner.
  3. Transfer the Darfur file to the second item to tighten control over the situation of human rights in the Sudan -the most deterioration of all the countries that fall under the fourth item- instead of the current situation under item 10 which is limited to technical support; which is not consistent with war crimes and genocide.


January 4th 2017

Sudanese Human Rights Activists – Norway

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